Syrian army gain strategic win in Idlib
Syrian army gain strategic win in Idlib
On Tuesday, local news reported that terrorists withdrew from a key city, Khan Sheikhoun, in the Syrian province of Idlib and the Syrian army captured the city.

According to the latest news, after capturing the key hilltop of Tal Nimr, the Syrian army were able to enter the city of Khan Sheikhoun.

After the Syrian army entered Khan Sheikhoun, all the terrorists fled out of the city.

But why this city is so important and why capturing it was an important victory for the Syrian army?

Khan Sheikhoun has a high strategic importance; it overlooks the key roads in Syria and is the intersection of Idlib’s western, eastern and northern parts. Capturing Khan Sheikhoun is the first step toward reopening the road that connects Syria’s economy capital Aleppo to Damascus which is the political capital of the country.

Capturing Khan Sheikhoun is also critical from a military point of view because it will make it easier for the army to go further north toward cities of Kafar Sijnah and Maarat al-Numan.

Capturing Khan Sheikhoun paves the way for more victories for the Syrian Army because it means that now the Syrian Army gains control over a big area in northern Hama, an area which is called the triangle of death.

Another important part of the victory is that it will pave the way for the Syrian army to wipe out all Takfiri terrorists in the province of Idlib.

If the Syrian army free Idlib in a quick, surprising strike, how it would influence the Americans and their military forces in Syria?

The answer is that the United States is worried that the Syrian army seize the control of all critical military areas out of the hands of Americans and their allies as they use these areas to put pressure on Damascus. In fact, operation in Idlib will be the last stage of the war for completely freeing Syria from the curse of terrorism.

With freeing Idlib, the militia forces and their supporters will lose their winning edge and pressure leverage against the Syrian army.

After Idlib is freed, the Syrian government goes back to its normal situation before the crisis. This means that all the people and countries who started this war in Syria will have to go back to their countries empty-handed and Damascus will be the true winner of this war. This is surely contrary to what American wants, so they would make every effort to prevent this scenario.

Anyway, the war in Syria that first started from Aleppo and Qalamun Mountains is nearing its end in Idlib which is among the last areas under the control of the terrorists.

The further the Syrian army goes toward victory, the further the terrorists and their supporters try to influence the media and abuse the non-military people to create fake news for the media.

Surely, capturing the city of Khan Sheikhoun in the south of Idlib province is among the most importing victories of the Syrian army over the last five years; that is why the victory has caused great worries for the Americans and officials of Ankara.

Undoubtedly, after this we will see many bigger achievements from Syrian army.

Now that the terrorists are surrounded in the northern part of Hama, they have no choice other than death or fleeting the region with the help of Turkey. It means that the whole northern part of Hama will be freed and cities of Moharade and Al-Suqaylabiyah will reach some peace after suffering daily missile attacks for a long time.

  • source : Tehran times