Studies for Launching Pilot Projects on the MSC’s Agenda
Studies for Launching Pilot Projects on the MSC’s Agenda
TEHRAN – The management committee of Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC) convened in presence of the CEO of the company Eng. Hamidreza Azimian and his assistants and other managers of the company.

During the meeting, Mr. Azimian hailed the personnel and custodians of safety issues the company, reiterating that as it had been emphasized earlier, any incident in the company would cause heavy losses and to prevent any incident, the company should study any incidents and the reasons behind them to prevent probable future incidents.


Meanwhile a report on the quality of the company’s products was presented in the meeting and Mr. Azimian once again underlined the importance of the quality of products.

He noted that undoubtedly, the quality of the raw material can have undeniable impact on the final productions, adding that by employing experts and accurate controls, all should help the gradual growth in the quality of the products.

Then managers of units of the company presented their reports on the performance of each unit in the first four months of the current year.

Reacting to reports, Mr. Azimian said that research teams of the company should have certain programs for boosting production of certain products and they should provide the condition in collaboration with the production units.

He also pointed to the importance of launching a pilot unit for production of some new products in the units, adding that while such a pilot currently exists in the iron-making unit of the company, new pilots should be launched in other units after thorough studies, reiterating that those pilots can reduce cost of products and boost quality and accuracy of them.

  • source : Iran news