Private Sector to Develop PGSEZ Private Wharf
Private Sector to Develop PGSEZ Private Wharf
TEHRAN – The CEO of Persian Gulf Special Economic Zone says the private sector will help the zone to construct and develop its private wharf where 300,000-ton vessels can dock easily.

Mr. Khalaj Tehrani said that by the emphasis of the Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO) and support of the private sector, the ground was paved for implementing the project of developing private wharf for the Persian Gulf Mining and Metal Industries Special Economic Zone which is aimed at offering proper services for the steel units in the region.


Tehrani went on to say that the current capacity of the wharf is 12m tons annually and by implementing the development project and addition of seven posts of the new wharf as well as dolphin berth especial for exporting liquefied products, the capacity will be tripled and will reach 35m tons per year.

Tehrani added that since strengthening infrastructures will lead to more investments and boon in the production, one of the developmental projects in infrastructures in the current year is to develop private wharf in the zone through the private sector and turning the zone into a hub for exports and imports of mining and metal industries.

He reiterated that if the country is after long term presence in the international trade and production, it should never neglect development.

Tehrani noted that in the national development outlook, the capacity for producing 10m tons of steel annually in the region has been set.

He went on to say that the new private wharf can increase the capacity for docking of 300,000-ton vessels and it will be one of the rarest wharfs in the country can have capacity for load and unload of such a volume of steel products.

  • source : Iran news