PGSC’s Gasoline to Enter International Markets
PGSC’s Gasoline to Enter International Markets
TEHRAN - Persian Gulf refinery in southern Iran has joined gasoline export market selling its product in energy bourse, according to the Managing-Director of Persian Gulf Star Company Mohammad-Ali Dadvar.

Dadvar made the remarks in a meeting with Ali Hosseini, the managing-director of Iran’s Energy Exchange, when the latter paid a visit to the refinery.


He said PGSC pays especial attention to Iran’s Energy Exchange and in the current condition,one cannot deny impressive influence of the trades in the exchange.

Dadvar called National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company as the custodian of offering the first consignment of PGSC’s gasoline in the international ring.

He said that the destination of the first consignment of the Persian Gulf refinery’s product is most likely to be Afghanistan.

The refinery has already supplied LNG, Naphtha and different types of solvents in the energy bourse.

He went on to say that presenting the products in the exchange will guarantee the producers of return of their capitals and the approved customers can easily purchase the product and it will help transparency in the trades.

Dadvar went on to say that exchange is the best place for creating a healthy climate for competition and improving the economic condition.

He reiterated by removing problems in three phases of the refinery and receiving enough feed, the production in the refinery will exceed 480,000m barrels per day.

Persian Gulf Star refinery, the world’s biggest refinery of gas condensates, is located in southern Iranian city of Bandar Abbas in an area of 700 hectares. It has the capacity of producing 360,000 barrels of gas condensates a day.


  • source : Iran news