National Economy Survives  a Big Shock; Now Getting Stable
National Economy Survives  a Big Shock; Now Getting Stable
TEHRAN – First Vice-President Eshaq Jahangiri yesterday said that national economy survived a big shock and turbulence last year and now it has reached a new balanced point.

Addressing the second national forum on economic bodies, leaders of development yesterday, Jahangiri said that all indexes like stock market and occupation in recent months show that the country has reached a new balanced point.


Pointing to the U.S. sanctions and its plot for toppling the Islamic establishment , Jahangiri reiterated that recent U.S. sanctions against Iran have been unprecedented  against any country and they wanted to topple the regime through economic collapse in the country but they failed.

He added that in such a condition, economic bodies and business activists in the private sector can come to the rescue of the people and in collaboration with the government they appease pressures of sanctions on the people.

He admitted that one cannot blame sanctions for last year’s shocks and turbulences and the government might have committed mistakes.

By pointing to the economic and trade capacities of Iran’s neighboring countries and the necessity to take advantage of it, Jahangiri said that today is the best time to take advantage of relations with neighboring states and the government welcomes economic formations and bodies which try to boost trade with those countries.

Meanwhile addressing the forum, Minister of Industry Mr. Reza Rahmani said that one of the strategies to overcome the economic war in the sanctions era is to focus on economic formations and people’s presence in the economy.

He added that chambers of commerce can play a key role in boosting business especially trade with other countries.

Head of Iran’s Chamber of Commerce urged the government not to use formation of economic bodies as a tool for political purpose, and criticized parallel economic bodies which threaten private sector.

Gholamhossein Shafei added that in this critical condition all should get closer together and support the private sector by removing hurdles in way of their activities.


  • source : Iran news