KSC Innovation in Indigenizing Steel Industry “Praiseworthy”
KSC Innovation in Indigenizing Steel Industry “Praiseworthy”
TEHRAN – Deputy Industry Minister and Head of IMIDRO hailed the innovation of Khouzestan Steel Company in indigenizing national steel company and called it praiseworthy.

Addressing the opening of the specialized exhibition on indigenizing parts and equipment at permanent fairground of Ahvaz, Dr. Khodadad Gharibpoor said that Khouzestan is the first province which holds exhibition on indigenizing national steel industry, adding that Khouzestan Steel Company’s innovation in this field is praiseworthy.


He added that launching developmental projects, earning forex, regulating the market, growth and expansion of human resources are of the major effective steps of the company.

Gharbpour noted that boosting efficiency means saving exodus of forex, adding that moving towards indigenizing the parts and supporting the suppliers and domestic producers would lead to boon in domestic production and growth as well as self-belief, and the exhibition should act in a way to lead to production of engineering knowledge and to sever dependence of this sector on foreign countries.

Meanwhile at the beginning of the ceremony, the CEO of the company Ali Mohammadi welcomed the participants. He further added that following the international pressures and cruel sanctions on Iranian nation, it seems that creativity and talents of the nation are emerging by relying on the Supreme Leader’s guidelines for materializing the resistance economy.

Mohammadi added that the exhibition is good opportunity for blossom of talents. He reiterated that it is an honor for the company to hold such an exhibition in this crucial time.

He noted during the sanctions era, domestic manufacturers managed to manufacture parts and equipment which are needed in the steel industry and the exhibition is an opportunity to put on display these achievements.

He reiterated that the company is determined to take a big step for boosting production by utilizing existing capacities.


  • source : Iran news