Bushehr-Doha marine passenger line operational: PMO official
Bushehr-Doha marine passenger line operational: PMO official
Managing director of Port and Maritime Organization (PMO) of southern Iranian province of Bushehr announced on Sunday that Bushehr-Doha marine line has become operational.

As Siavash Arjmandzadeh said, the established shipping line will commute between the named two cities once a week carrying both passengers and freight.

Passengers can go on four to five-day tours paying $200 to $500, he said, the tours take 12 hours to 20 hours depending on weather conditions and the speed of the ships.

Iran has recently established or reactivated a number of sea travel routes, which is expected to lend a hand to the tourism sector that has fallen victim to a foreign currency crisis caused by sanctions.

As unilateral US sanctions against Iran snapped back, pressuring the country’s limited foreign currency reserves, the Islamic Republic is increasingly paying attention to marine travel as a major way of boosting its underdeveloped tourism sector.

As Arjmandzadeh announced previously, since sea travels in the Bushehr Province had been limited to nearby Iranian Kharg Island in recent years, authorities have planned to expand the route, and also take passengers to ports in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain in future.

  • source : Mehrnews