Zanganeh Determined to Fight Corruption; Paying for It
Zanganeh Determined to Fight Corruption; Paying for It
TEHRAN – Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh says he is resolved to fight corruption and today he pays for his determination for combatting corruption.

Speaking in a meeting of Oil Ministry officials, Zanganeh said that he and his ministry will fight corruption in oil sale system and for this reason he pays for and he is under criticism and attacks.


He went on to say that he has once and again repeated that as long as he is in charge he will not breach people’s trust.

He noted that during his years in different jobs he has not had any misuse of  his position for making friends with other people and he has not found any friend through concessions. He reiterated that corporatism, factionalizing, nepotism and dealing with friends are harmful in the current system.

He reiterated that the financial turnover in the national oil industry is billions of dollars annually and it is his major task to protect this precious jewel.

Zanganeh also noted it is necessary for all senior managers to be serious in combat against corruption and all components in an organization should feel responsible for fighting corruption.

He further said that in his opinion nobody believes fight against corruption unless senior officials show their determination in this regard; it means they should close their pockets and correct their performance and they themselves do not commit corruption, he added.

Zanganeh admitted that oil products and its sales are the first ground for appearance of corruption, adding that all of those corruptions are not necessarily in the oil system and they may be around it.

He reiterated that so far his ministry has not faced any problem in its oil sales, adding that he calls rent-seeking in oil sector as “Babak Zanjani” because his name has become a brand for corruption in oil sector. He noted that whenever he criticizes Babak Zanjani he faces criticisms and attacks in the media which are mostly fed by him. He continued that some people currently swear him because he does not let national oil be looted by them.

Zanganeh underlined that the country should praise those who reveal corrupts and it will help the country to get rid of corruption gradually.

He also reiterated that exposure of corruption should not be politicized and it should not be used as a political tool for smashing the opponents.

  • source : Iran news