U.S. and UK’s Strategic Mistake Lies Here
U.S. and UK’s Strategic Mistake Lies Here
Americans were considering to launch a military campaign in the region concurrent with zeroing Iran’s oil exports and they were thinking that Iran would give in their threats and demands and would bow down, but today we see that Iranians were well-prepared for such a condition and could administered the climate over tension and conflict in a way that the whole world became concerned about the tension in the region.

Before recent incidents and confrontations, most of the world, which were staying away from regional developments, used to say that those incidents are Iran’s own affairs and they have nothing to do with them to engage in. At the same time, Americans believed that they could encircle the climate for confrontation in the Persian Gulf, in other words, they thought of besieging Iran.


Iranians, by adopting smart tactics, could act in a way that all realized what it means when Iran says if it is not able to export oil, no country in the region will be able to do so. And they proved that they have this capability to do so and if something happens in the region, it will not only Iran that pays for it and all have to pay for it.

While some believed that what Iran says means closure of Strait of Hormuz but Iranians proved they along with their allies can put the whole region on fire, and there will be no more oil well for oil exports and consequently the whole world would be involved in it.

Americans thought by creating much hype and their arms capabilities, they could frighten Iran and its allies but we saw it was otherwise and this was the U.S. which was forced to retreat against Iranians and their allies and they found out that the opposite side was more courageous than what they imagined.

Although Ansarullah forces’ attack on Saudi Arabian oil pipelines was because of war between Yemen and Saudi Arabia, it showed capabilities of Ansarullah’s drones which could pass through the U.S.’s ultra-modern defensive system and modern military technology. It made the U.S. ponder that if Yemenis have such a sophisticated drone, what it would be about Iran’s capabilities. At the same time Palestinians had a conflict with Israelis and during the conflict, Palestinians fired over 700 missiles towards Israel in just two days and the attack had a remarkable meaning.

All know this fact that Americans do not withhold selling and delivery of weapons to Israel and it has delivered the most sophisticated defensive systems to Israelis, but Palestinian missiles could easily pass through Israel’s air defensive system called “Iron Dome” and hit the targets; And again a question is raised if Palestinians have such missiles what it would be about Iran. Although there are no proofs available to link Iran and its allies to the attack on the Fujairah oil tanker, it shows anyway that how security for exporting from the Middle East is fragile. So either Iranians’ allies or anybody else have launched that attack, it shows that it is easy to sink any oil tanker which is to replace Iran oil exports.

Now it is strange that despite this fact how UK has dared to enter this dangerous game both either under being under pressure from its big boss the U.S. or receiving some signals from inside Iran.

Although seizure of Iran’s tankers could cost Iran millions of dollars of loss but it will provide the ground for Iran for inflicting bigger and unlimited loss on UK.

Cooperation between UK and the U.S. against Iran’s strategic interests will provide the grounds for sweeping out agents of Freemasonry in Iran’s economy and Iran will take another strong step towards making healthy its economic independence.

By: Hamid Reza Naghashian

  • source : Iran news