Studios from Czech, Italy, Ukraine join Iranian director to make “Blue Land”
Studios from Czech, Italy, Ukraine join Iranian director to make “Blue Land”
Iranian director Ali Fakhr-Musavi is making his new drama “Blue Land” in a co-production deal with film studios from Czech, Italy and Ukraine.

Shooting of the film has recently been completed on location in the northern Iranian town of Savadkuh, and the post-production phase will be pursued in Czech, Italy and Ukraine, a public relations team of the movie announced on Monday.

The film, which has been produced by the private sector in Iran, will have its world premiere in Europe and North America in the near future.

Starring Manuchehr Azar, Sahar Abdollahi and Mohammadreza Rahbari, the film is about Dr. Arash Peyro who has to leave Tehran to live in a remote border village where he finds out pieces in the puzzle of his past life.

“I didn’t want to make anymore films showing an Iranian family with a lot of children, all of whom must take turns wearing a single pair of shoes,” Fakhr-Musavi once said in an interview with the Persian daily Saba.

“I am bored with such images that movies are portraying about my country,” he added.

“Unfortunately, Europeans still deem us as nomads while they once knew us by Abbas Kiarostami’s ‘Taste of Cherry’,” he lamented.

“I have frequently told Iranian officials that if we don’t enter the international current, our cinema will fade away,” noted Fakhr-Musavi, who has previously made “Autumn Memories” along with film studios in Czech and Ukraine.

The film is an anti-war love story about a young girl who loses her home and family in terrorist attacks but tries to find peace and love among the people of another war-torn area.

It won the Best Narrative Feature Film Award at the October edition of the Barcelona Planet Film Festival, a monthly international event in Spain.

  • source : Tehrantimes