People Unhappy With Unfair Distribution System
People Unhappy With Unfair Distribution System
TEHRAN – Minister of Cooperatives, Labour and Social Welfare says although essential goods are imported with subsidized foreign currency at the rate of 42,000 rials per dollar but they are distributed in the market with forex at the rate of 50,000 tomans per dollar and people are right to be unhappy with the government.

In meeting with the members of Iran Chamber of Cooperative, Mr. Mohammad Shariatmadari admitted the people are unhappy with the unfair system of distribution of essential goods although they are imported at the official dollar price.


He went on to say that cooperative sector began its work strongly but it gradually ran out of steam and lost its stand.

He added that if one looks at political scene of the country will find out that the approach towards the cooperative has totally changed since the beginning of the revolution. Shariatmadari admitted that the country has distanced from the early principles of the Islamic Revolution and it has led to the public discontent and disappointment.

He admitted that people are unhappy that those goods which are imported at official subsidized dollar rate of 42,000 tomans are distributed very expensive and even more expensive than those goods which are imported based on the open market dollar rate.

Shariatmadari added that country’s distribution system in the forex and control of market is unfair and people are right to be unhappy.

He noted that cooperative sector should be revived and it can be a solution for fair distribution of goods.

Meanwhile in the meeting, Head of Iran Chamber of Cooperative Bahman Abdollahi said that cooperative sector does not have enough developmental tools and it owns no financial capabilities but Tose’e Ta’avon (Cooperative Development) Bank.

He added that facilities of the bank do not meet demands of the cooperative sector.

Abdollahi went on to say that the chamber was established almost 25 years ago and it is active in 31 provinces.

He admitted that 90 percent of the cooperative sector laws and regulations are not carried out or they are ignored. He reiterated that although the share of cooperative sector from the national economy has been predicted by 25 percent by 2020but it is a far-fetched target.

  • source : Iran news