Killing the JCPOA: One-Sided Implementation
Killing the JCPOA: One-Sided Implementation
Mr. Hassan Fereydoon, known as Rouhani, the president of Islamic Republic of Iran in a cabinet meeting last week said, “The Americans started the fire in the region a year ago, but they are saying that playing with fire is dangerous, while they are after sparking fire.”

The President underlined, “The only way to put out this fire is to return to commitments and United Nations’ resolutions, but if they do not want to return to these commitments, the Islamic Republic of Iran will start the next step exactly after 60 days”.


He went on to say, “We have learned good things about the Americans recently,” adding, “So far, the Americans have been saying that JCPOA was a bad deal, but they are very upset about Iran distancing itself a bit from this deal.”

President Rouhani, by pointing that all signatories of the JCPOA have asked Iran to remain committed to the deal, said, “If this agreement is good, then why Europe and the U.S. do not live up to their commitments under the deal, and if it is bad, then why when Iran wants to reduce a part of its commitments, they respond strongly?”

He also went on to say, “Iran’s move to reduce its commitments is not aimed at undermining the JCPOA, but also an attempt to save it; because we believe that if we don’t do anything, the deal will be lost”.

Stating that Iran exceeding the 300kg enrichment limit is only to save the deal, President Rouhani added, “As we have said before, if the other sides return to their commitments, Iran will swiftly return to the terms of the agreements, and if we produce high amounts, we will sell it to other countries like Russia and get Yellow Cake instead in a short time”.

He went on to say that he recommends Europe and the U.S. to return to the logic, negotiation table and respecting the law and observing the approvals of the UN and at this stage all should remain committed to the JCPOA.

The president added, “We could not remain silent in reaction to the inaction of the other side, and that’s why we have done these things, but the other sides should know that at any hour that they come back to the JCPOA, we will return as well; we are still in the deal and all the actions we do are to save the deal”.

He stated, “The patience of the Islamic Republic of Iran has been strategic as some world leaders say”.

“Iran has never intended to be stubborn and pull out of the deal, and the other sides can never criticize Iran for its actions, because Iran has repeatedly extended its deadlines at the request of European leaders,” he said.

The President also said that Europe has not lived up to what it has promised to Iran, saying, “People should know that Iran has never acted based on impulse, but completely on logic and reason”.

President’s rhetoric is really reconciliatory and it says to the West, “if in this whirlpool I have joined to take action against you, it is because I am forced to do so, and the West and especially Europe should take into consideration my condition regarding my nation.”

That Mr. Rouhani insists on bilateral implementation of the JCPOA is what Europe also wants but Zionist regime which is behind all these disputes will definitely fan the flames more in upcoming years. While the Zionist regime is pushed back every day and one day it will be automatically put out, it needs our prudence. The more we act maturely, the stronger the stand and position of the Islamic establishment will be.

By: Hamid Reza Naghashian

  • source : Iran news