ISOICO-Made Omidan 8 Vessel Launched
ISOICO-Made Omidan 8 Vessel Launched
TEHRAN – Manager of design and building Omidan 8 vessel said that the multi-functional vessel was launched in Iran Shipping and Offshore Industries Complex (ISOICO) in Bandar Abbas, Hormuzgan Province.

Saeed Ghasami said that Omidan 8 vessel was fully designed and built by Iranian engineers and experts in just 2 years with 200 man-hours.


He added that the production of the vessel saved the country one million dollars, adding that the main task of the vessel is to serve oil platforms and drilling rigs.

He added that transporting people, water, fuel and extinguishing operation are of the major services of the vessel.

He added that the vessel has been built with 40 meters length, 10 meters width and 3.5 meters draft.

Ghasami noted that the speed of the vessel is 12 knots, with 280-horsepower engines and it is able to participate in operations in any climate.

He added that the vessel has been made of marine steel grade A. He reiterated that the quality of the vessel is not less than its foreign likes.

Ghasami further said that 300 jobs created during building the vessel. He said that Omidan 9 and 10 vessels projects are also underway and it is expected the project to be completed in three months and to be launched.

He reiterated that owner of all vessels are Iranian. He added that ISOICO is able to repair, equip and build any type and class of vessels.

  • source : Iran news