Is it safe to travel to Iran?
Is it safe to travel to Iran?
One of the main questions of tourists is that is it safe to travel to eastern countries?

Is Iran safe for tourists?

One of the main questions of tourists is that is it safe to travel to eastern countries? Iran is a special country with wide verity of specifications such as nature and different cultures. So because of the highest rate of tourism capacity, all the tourists prefer to travel to Iran. For all tourists, Iran is the best choice to travel just because of its money value. But there is the main question for everyone.

Is it safe to travel to Iran? One of the main things that attract tourists is Iranian culture. The Iranian people are famous for their hospitality and also all the tourists don’t have clear image of Islamic beliefs and it’s just because of negative propaganda and they don’t know about Iranian morals and beliefs and how they treat with their guests. You must visit Iran to see the reality of this country and forget about the negative ideas which some Medias said about Iran to ruin its fame and also its image to the world internationally so please come and visit this pretty country and enjoy your trip to Iran.

Is Iran interest for people?

Iran has lots of beautiful and spectacular places which can attract all people around the world. When we see every part of this country we face a brand new view that shows us a very new world. The history, architecture, culture, nature and different places of Iran that attract tourists to visit Iran and see the reality of Iran, all the media wants to presents different image despite the real Iran to the people around the world and to spread dark, cruel and ambiguous mentality to ruin all thoughts toward Iran.

In western countries whenever they hear the name of this country they just remind of war and terrorism and they decide to never travel to Iran. But some tourist never pay attention to this negative propagandas and decide to travel to Iran to see the reality of this country and touch the culture of the people of Iran and after entering to this country they found out everything different than what all medias said before against Iran and in the end they will explain about the joy of traveling to the others.

One of the tourists said that when my friend’s realized that I want to travel to Iran, he told me that you are crazy Iran is dangerous. Don’t go! We afraid, But I decided to see Iran despite all bad international images. And after that, we explained it was an amazing country and safety but they didn’t believe us.

Iran Country

Iran Country

Iranian family culture

Family is main parts of every society, Iranian family contains of parents and children which they live together. The families have high priority in Iran and it is a respectful unit in Iranian society structure. In the past grandparents lived with them too but gradually they separate themselves from their child and grandchild. Iranian families always live together until the time that their child got married. In some other cities of Iran we can see that even after children got married they live with parents but in some other cities they live separately.
Iranian family always supports each other for example whenever their relatives have any problem they help each other and never let them to be alone. Even they participate in holding a ceremony such as weeding or other celebrations. Iranian people are really kind and helpful. They always do their best in every aspect of life.

Parents in Iran have responsibility of treating children and supporting them in education process and also helping them to be independent. In the future help them to get married and find partner for life.
Marriage is an acceptable way of sexual relations but it is a permanent commitment. Parents most of the time are responsible for formal proposal for marriage of their child in Iran we call it Khastegari. During Khastegari two families of bride and groom discuss about marital contracts. The average age of marriage for women is 19 to 22 and 24 to 26 for men but the divorce rate now a day’s increased gradually. In Iran divorce isn’t approved in Iranian culture.

Are Iranians kindly people?

Since the Islamic Revolution of Iran in 1979, the government of Iran has been accused by some countries, including the United States, of funding, providing equipment and weapons, training and giving sanctuary to terrorists. These are some political stereotypes caused by propaganda war which have made the people throughout the world believe Iranians are all terrorists. The United States, for example, claimed after the September 11 that Iranian people had major roles in the terroristic attacks, which was never proved though. Investigations could not prove the presence or any kind of role of even one single Iranian in the attack.

Iran is a peaceful region in the ever-in-war area of the Middle East and the people have not ever witnessed any terroristic activities on the streets. Thanks to the virtuous people, armed forces and the police, Iranians experience a secure and peaceful life, and tourists a trip to the country with no worries about any possible terroristic activities.