Iraq, Top Destination for Iran’s Exports
Iraq, Top Destination for Iran’s Exports
TEHRAN – Iraq is the top destination for exports of Iranian goods, according to the latest report released by Iran’s Customs Administration.

According to the latest reports, Iran’s exports in the first quarter of the current year increased and the number of destinations also rose.


The report shows that Iraq, China, the UAE, Afghanistan and Turkey have been the top five destinations for Iranian exports as Iraq tops the list.

Iran’s exports to Iraq were 6305 tons in terms of weight and $2b in terms of value. The figure for China stands at 12,228 tons in volume and $2b in value while Iran’s exports to the UAE were 4000 tons in volume and 1.5b in value.

Iran’s exports to Afghanistan were also around $513m. Turkey was the fifth destination for Iran’s exports.

At the same time, China, the UAE, Turkey, India and Germany were the top exporting countries to Iran, respectively.

China is still the major exporter to Iran with exports of goods worth $2.27b in the first quarter of the year.

The UAE by exporting goods worth over $1.5b was the second exporting country to Iran. Turkey’s exports to Iran fell in the first quarter a the country’s exports to Iran stood at $1.2. Despite recent international developments, India is the third exporting country to Iran as its exports to Iran were reported at $1.2b in the first quarter.

Germany is still major European exporter to Iran whose exports were around $510m in the first quarter.

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) was the major exports of Iran in the first quarter which was valued at over $2.7b.

Liquefied propane, condensate, bitumen and methanol were the other major exports of Iran in the first quarter.

Rice, animal corn, soybean and press cake are of the major goods which were imported in the same period.

  • source : Iran news