Iran’s Defense Capabilities “Unnegotiable”
Iran’s Defense Capabilities “Unnegotiable”
TEHRAN - Chief of Staff of Iranian President said that the country's defense capabilities is our redline and we do not negotiate about it.

“Iran’s defensive capabilities is the country’s redline and we will never negotiate about it,” Mahmoud Vaezi made the remarks on Wednesday in response to a question posed by Iran Press correspondent about the issue.


“Every second you hear something paradoxical from US officials which it is not something new in the current administration of the country,” Chief of Staff of Iranian President noted.

“Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif’s interview is a very clear one, and we cannot realize from any parts of it that Iran is ready to negotiate about its defensive capabilities,” Vaezi added.

“What we posed was that the U.S. itself left the nuclear deal. The 5+1 group created an environment for negotiation about the nuclear issue which our approach is very clear about it,” Chief of Staff of Iranian President said.

“If the U.S. officials come back from their approaches and if they lift anti-Iranian sanctions, there would be some opportunities for them in the framework of 5+1,” Vaezi added.

Meanwhile earlier Iran had categorically rejected the Associated Press’ misinterpretation of Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif’s comments about missile talks with the U.S.

“We categorically reject the AP’s characterization of Foreign Minister Zarif’s comments to NBC News that “if the U.S. wants to talk about missiles, it should stop selling weapons, including missiles, to regional states” as meaning that Iran is willing to negotiate on its defensive missile program at some point,” Iran’s UN mission said in a statement.

“Iran’s missiles are absolutely and under no condition negotiable with anyone or any country, period,” it added.

“Surely AP reporters are familiar enough with conversational English to know and understand and are able to contextualize comments on the hypothetical, as well as parrying with words to make a point,” it said.

“Drawing a false conclusion in pursuit of headlines, when what was said in the context was obvious, only leads to a diminution of the standing of the press with the public.”

  • source : Iran news