Army cmdr. vows ‘devastating’ military offensive in case enemies attack
Army cmdr. vows ‘devastating’ military offensive in case enemies attack
Commander of Iran’s Army Major General Seyyed Abdolrahim Mousavi said that the country doesn’t rely merely on defensive power as Iran’s offensive military response to any aggression will be devastating.

“We have not been initiator of any war and will never be, however, we are not solely relying on defense; in the early stage of enemy’s attack we will defend but our offensive power and our ability to strike enemy is devastating and makes enemies regret,” he said Sunday in Tabriz while addressing a local Army unit.

Current conditions in the world and in the region are requiring forces to be more ready than ever, he said.

The commander went on to say that military readiness of Iran can foil enemies’ sinister plots against the country.

“During the Sacred Defense years [8 years of imposed Iran-Iraq war], we proved to the world the level of our adherence to Revolution’s ideals. Stronger than before, we will not budge an inch on defending our ideals and the country,” he also stressed.

  • source : Mehrnews