The costly Saudi defeat in Mecca
The costly Saudi defeat in Mecca
Officials in the Saudi regime are extremely dissatisfied with the results of the Mecca summits. The meetings in Mecca showed that Riyadh was no longer in power in the region's equilibrium. On the other hand, the support of the United States and the Zionist regime from Saudi Arabia could not prevent the gradual death of the Saudis.

Al-Mayadeen wrote that the Mecca’s tripartite summits showed that no one was with King Salman other than the United Arab Emirates and the Sudanese military council. Al-Mayadeen wrote, in a column entitled “Whether the three-party summits in Mecca are a sign of Saudi defeat,” insisted that calculations by King Salman and the crown prince of Saudi Arabia (Mohammed bin Salman) of impunity for tension with Iran have reached a dead end.

This column states: The choice of the city of Mecca for holding three summits was the most that Saudi Arabia could do, hoping that Riyadh would need to receive help to protect the holy places and gain the most support.

In the same vein, Saudi Arabia imagines that by accusing the Yemeni army and popular committees of the attack on the city of Mecca, it has targeted the Iranian marker, and therefore, in front of the eyes of the delegations participating in the Mecca summit, they also exhibited drone strikes. Which claimed to be Iranian and deserted in Saudi Arabia.

  • source : Tehrantimes