Stability and Low Fluctuation in Forex Market Predicted
Stability and Low Fluctuation in Forex Market Predicted
TEHRAN – The CEO of Export Development Bank of Iran believes fluctuation in the forex market will be the lowest in this current Iranian calendar year and he predicts stability in the market.

Dr. Salehabadi said that last year, the forex market faced ups and downs and soaring of prices but he predicts for this year that the forex market would face small fluctuation and would stay away from excitement.


He noted that last year the U.S. pullout of the JCPOA created a shock in the market which destabilized the market because nobody expected such a move but fortunately, the market gradually recovered.

Salehabadi reiterated that new proper policies on the forex were adopted in compliance with the current condition, adding that some directives and regulations were under preparation last year and it had created an uncertainty  in the market.

He added that last year major systems and portals of economic bodies like the Central Bank, the Customs Administrative and Trade Promotion Organization were linked together and it will continue this year for more integrity in the trade system.

He said that one of the good measures which was taken last year was the return of earned forex g from the exports to the country and if any exporter does not return the forex to the system he would be dealt properly and be referred to the Judiciary.

Salehabadi also stated that the rial banking system was strengthened last year which was an important factor for return of stability to the forex market.

He also reiterated that one of the important measures which was taken last year was to control trade of forex as well as easing deposit of forex in the banks.

  • source : IRAN NEWS