Raisi: Rights violators claim to be rights advocates
Raisi: Rights violators claim to be rights advocates
The Islamic Republic of Iran has always regarded human rights as the central point of divine religions and has always championed peace and human rights in the world, Judiciary Chief Ebrahim Raisi said on Monday.

“Observance of human rights is a prerequisite for realization of justice,” Raisi said, adding, “Observance of human rights is the basis of every decision and action in the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

He criticized the countries which accuse Iran of violating human rights, saying Iran’s decisions would not be impacted by foreign pressure, ISNA reported.

Officials in Tehran has described U.S. sanctions against Iranian people as “economic war” and “economic terrorism”. President Rouhani has said since the sanctions include ordinary people they are examples of “crimes against humanity”.

‘Economic terrorism purposefully violates rights of Iranians’

The top judge went on to say that sanctions are violating the rights of the Iranian people.

“Today, the Iranian people are faced with a purposeful violation of their rights by the U.S. through a new kind of economic terrorism,” the top judge said, pointing to the harsh U.S. sanctions on Tehran.

Raisi further said the human rights violators claim to be advocates of human rights and freedom.

“The U.S. and its allies in the Middle East are the main violators of human rights in Palestine and Yemen,” he stated.

The Saudi-led coalition has caused an indescribable human disaster in modern history in Yemen by using American, French, British and German weapons.

Contrary to repeated farcical remarks that Iran is seeking the annihilation of Israel by Benjamin Netanyahu and some other Zealots, Iran has called for a referendum in the occupied Palestine to end more than 70 years of violence.

This policy was echoed again by Judiciary chief Raisi, saying the Islamic Republic supports a solution based on democracy in the occupied territories according to which the native inhabitants including Muslims, Christians and Jews can determine their fate.

  • source : Tehrantimes