Israeli regime has about 100 nuclear weapon
Israeli regime has about 100 nuclear weapon
A new report by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute shows Israeli regime has around 100 nuclear weapons.

While Israeli regime has a long-standing policy of not commenting on its nuclear arsenal, according to the report there are approximately 30 that are gravity bombs, which can be delivered by fighter jets – some of which are believed to be equipped for nuclear weapon delivery – and approximately 50 warheads that can be delivered by land-based ballistic missiles such as the Jericho III intermediate-range ballistic missile – which, according to foreign reports, has a range of 5,500 km.

The report also mentioned the numerous unconfirmed reports that Israel has modified its fleet of German-built Dolphin class submarines to carry nuclear-armed sea-launched cruise missiles, giving it a sea-based second-strike capability.

According to the report, at the start of 2019 there were approximately 13,865 nuclear weapons in the hands of nine states of which 3,750 were deployed with operational forces and another estimated 2,000 kept in a state of high operational alert.

  • source : Mehrnews