Iranian fisherman finds part of downed US spy drone wreckage
Iranian fisherman finds part of downed US spy drone wreckage
An Iranian fisherman on the southern Qeshm Island has found part of the downed US spy drone debris in the Iranian waters.

Yousef Saffari, a fisherman in Qeshm Island, has found and retrieved part of the Global Hawk spy drone on Monday which was downed four days earlier by IRGC’s air defense after the UAV violated Iran’s airspace.

According to Fars News Agency, the fisherman has discovered the piece some 5 miles away from the coastal city of Suza, on Qeshm Island. Local authorities say that the piece will soon be handed to Iranian Armed Forces.

A US Global Hawk spy drone intruded into Iranian airspace on Thursday and the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps brought it down after the drone ignored Iran’s several warnings. IRGC says there was another intruding US manned plane beside the Global Hawk but the force ‘refrained’ from targeting it.

Iran had earlier revealed other sections of the US drone which were retrieved from the Iranian waters after the incident.

Iran has provided sufficient evidence proving that the UAV had violated Iran’s airspace, including exact coordinates of the place as well as sections of the vehicle’s wreckage which were retrieved from Iranian waters. Tehran also says it will take the case to the UN.

  • source : Mehrnews