Iran, China on one front against US’ unilateralism in IT sector: ICT min.
Iran, China on one front against US’ unilateralism in IT sector: ICT min.
Iran’s Minister of Communications and Information Technology Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi said on Sunday that Iran and China are on one front in information technology (IT) sector to combat US’ oppression and unilateralism.

Making the remarks in a meeting with Chinese Ambassador to Iran Chang Hua and before his departure for Dalian, Jahromi underscored the good background of Iran-China cooperation and bright future of their IT relations.

Naming China a significant partner of Iran in the digital economy, the Iranian minister noted that US is pursuing unilateralism in the IT sector as world’s prominent companies active in infrastructure, network, services are American,

Jahromi added that the US sanctions have created some problems for Iran, however, the country has learned how to confront them.

On June 25, Jahromi said that protecting the privacy and security of people in cyberspace should be the highest priority for all of countries, adding that Iranian startups are the best today and Iran invites all countries to invest in this field. Referring to standing against the US, Azari Jahromi called on international community to confront the US unilateralism.

The Iranian minister left Tehran for Dalian, China, on Sunday to take part in World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting of the New Champions (AMNC).

More than 1,800 leaders from government, business, civil society, academia and the arts will converge in the Chinese coastal city of Dalian from 1-3 July.

  • source : Mehrnews