Govt.’ main policy is to resist against foreign pressures
Govt.’ main policy is to resist against foreign pressures
Iranian first Vice-President Es’hagh Jahangiri said on Tuesday that despite the imposed pressures by the US and some regional countries which have made Iran to experience a specific tough situation, the government’s policy is resisting against them.

“It is a must to brief the Iranian nation and officials about the government’s economic and budget policies for tackling such situation and resisting against the pressures,” he told reporters on his arrival in Zanjan Province, “If the people and economic activists are fully informed about the policies, we can overcome this point of time.”

He also informed that good solutions and policies have been prepared by the government in this regard.

Iranian officials believe that the ongoing US economic war on Iran as more complicated than the 8-year imposed war by the Iraqi Saddam regime, stressing that the Iranian nation will make the enemies regret about the new war.

As Iranian President Hassan said in late May, “today we are facing economic war and attacking people’s welfare and living,” adding, “this attack is in one aspect more complicated than the previous one, and we need to resist and stand tall to make enemies understand that despair has no place in our hearts and we will not abandon the goal of our country’s independence and dignity.”

He reiterated that “today is the day of resistance and I tell the people of Iran explicitly that we can defeat the United States, the Zionist regime, and the regional reactionaries through unity, resistance, and steadfastness.”

  • source : Mehrnews