Steel exports to be continued in current year
Steel exports to be continued in current year
Chairman of Iranian Steel Producers Association (ISPA) Bahram Sobhani said on Saturday that the country has not any problem in the field of exporting of steel.

Available facilities in the country such as iron ore, energy and cheap labor force have made steel production advantageous, he said, adding, “should necessary cooperation and coordination is made in this field, the country will have not any problem for exporting steel and steel products to other countries.”

He pointed to the sanctions imposed on the country and added, “sanctions cannot have more impact on export of mineral and industrial products of the country.”

Domestic steel production firms can compete with Chinese companies in steel market using available resources in the country optimally, he reiterated.

Despite sanctions, the country managed to export steel and mineral products in the past years.

According to the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, annual steel production capacity of the country stands at 35 million tons, he emphasized.

If 15 to 16 million tons of steel is used in the country, 10 million tons of which can be exported to other countries, Sobhani stated.

Earlier, secretary of Iranian Steel Producers Association (ISPA) has said that Iranian steel is considered as the cheapest steel products in the world and Chinese companies are able to compete with Iranian side in price term.

  • source : Mehrnews