Prague Keen to Expand Trade Ties with Tehran
Prague Keen to Expand Trade Ties with Tehran
TEHRAN – Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of Czech Republic announced his country’s eagerness to continue its economic ties with Iran and called for presenting new patterns for developing bilateral trade ties.

Visiting Czech deputy minister Mr. Eduard Muricky met vice-president of Iran’s Chamber of Commerce Mr. Hossein Salahvarzi and discussed different issues related to the trade ties between both states.


Muricky who was in Tehran to attend joint economic commission meeting said that his country is eager to expand its economic relations with Iran.

He said that using the European proposed financial mechanism “INSTEX” can be effective in proceeding the pre-set targets, adding that although the mechanism has not been activated yet, it is necessary to define other patterns for fortifying the level of bilateral relation.

He went on to say that in the sanctions era, they face banking restriction but there are other important issues which should be discussed in order to resolve problems. He pointed to non-tariff, standardization and tax as some important issues.

Muricky also pointed to the important role of chambers of commerce of both countries for resolving problems of this kind, adding that  if chambers of commerce play their roles correctly, some of those problems would be resolved. He admitted that there is currently no direct relation between business activists of both countries and active companies have no information about each other and it can be solved through chambers of commerce.

Deputy head of Iran’s Chamber Mr. Salahvarzi, for his part, expressed hope that in near future the first banking transaction is done via the INSTEX, adding that this news is encouraging and it can be effective for improving  country’s international condition.

He went on to say that since 2015, the trade relation between both countries has improved mildly but since the beginning of 2019, it has fallen sharply. He expressed hope that Muricky’s visit would pave the ground for revival of the past relation.

He noted that despite restrictions resulted by the sanctions, there are avenues for retaining relations Iran and other countries and in this condition, one should use creative ways, measures and have strong will.

Salahvarzi also pointed to some customs related problems and imports of Czech crystal and glass products, adding that the problem has been discussed between customs offices of both countries and expressed hope it would be settled soon.

Meanwhile Czech Ambassador to Tehran Stephen Cumba pointed to some customs related problems in way of bilateral trade, adding that it seems it is unfair that tax for Czech crystal and glass imports is more than its rivals in Iran and Iranian government should revise it.

He added that he understands that in the current condition of Iran, imports of luxury and consuming goods are not priority but this problem should be ultimately solved.

  • source : IRAN NEWS