NIDC’s Active Presence in Social Responsibilities
NIDC’s Active Presence in Social Responsibilities
TEHRAN – The CEO of National Iranian Drilling Company says efficiency in the operations is the major objective of the company for the current year, and meeting demands of the flood-hit people of Khouzestan Province is its priority of observing its social responsibilities.

Speaking at a press conference on the sidelines of the 2th International Oil Show in Tehran, Eng. Seyed Abdollah Mousavi hailed the studious personnel of the company in meeting the demands of the national oil industry and their efforts during recent floods which inflicted heavy damages on the cities and villages.


He went on to say that the company in compliance with the oil minister’s emphasis has had effective presence in helping the flood-hit regions by mobilizing its staff and equipment.

Mousavi noted that over 700 experts of the company were involved in helping the flood-hit regions. He reiterated that the whole company has covered support and help in an area around 100 kilometers on the shores of Karoon, Karkheh and Dez rivers.

He added that the staff of the company in the operational sector have drilled seven oil and gas wells and registered about 20,000 meters long drilling in the oil fields from March 21 to end of April.

Mousavi asserted that activities for drilling machines in some areas have come on a halt due to the floods.

He also pointed to other aids and activities of the company for observing its social responsibilities for the flood-hit areas like offering medical services, distribution of medicine, distributing warm food, mineral water and hygienic items, adding that the company is now fully prepared for implementing its drilling projects.