New Manager of IOPTC Takes Office
New Manager of IOPTC Takes Office
TEHRAN – The new CEO of Iranian Oil Pipeline and Telecommunication Company (IOPTC) officially began his job to replace his predecessor Mr. Abbasali Jafari Nasab.

In a ceremony which was held on Saturday, Mr. Jafari Nasab bid farewell to his job and Mr. Ghasem Arab Yarmohammadi replaced him.


In a ceremony where head of National Iranian Oil Refining and Company Distribution Mr. Alireza Sadeqabadi was present, Mr. Yarmohammadi officially began his job.

In the introductory ceremony, Mr Sadeq Abadi praised the performance and efforts of Mr. Jafari Nasab and pointed to some of his achievements. He then pointed to some projects of the IOPTC which are underway.

He went on to wish the new CEO of the company all the best.  He said that appointment of Mr. Yarmohammadi was because of his merit as Mr. Yarmohammadi is one of the most experienced and efficient persons in the industry and his experience can drive the company ahead.

Yarmohammadi also expressed hope to be a good substitute for Mr. Jafari Nasab and vowed to work hard to boost capabilities of the company with an eye on regarding all environmental issues in the project.

  • source : IRAN NEWS