New computer server installed for brain simulation, fast neuroimaging
New computer server installed for brain simulation, fast neuroimaging
New calculation computer server to facilitate complicated brain simulation and processing brain images was installed by Iranian researchers, ISNA reported on Thursday.

According to Dr. Reza Khosrowabadi, this server can make the analysis and calculations of brain data, easier and faster.

Installing this server was based on the international Human Connectome Project (HCP).

HCP is a project to construct a map of the complete structural and functional neural connections in vivo within and across individuals.

“The brain mapping data are very large and their analysis in regular computers takes a lot of time, but by using the new calculation server, processing of data will become much faster,” said Dr. Khosrowabadi.

According to him, the project was part of National Brain Mapping Plan and the new server was installed in Iran National Brain Mapping Laboratory (NBML).

The hardware can save large sizes of brain structural and functional images. The Linux software operating system and advanced image processing software also help the researchers in brain mapping, he added.

“Usually when brain images are processed, some noises might interrupt the analysis due to server movement or other reasons, but by using calculation servers, we can clean the process and extract some models to detect many kinds of interruptions,” he said.

“Brain modeling can help us in doing research about a wide range of brain disorders. For example, by designing neuron-feedbacks or using brain stimulations we can better understand brain mechanisms.”

“We are trying to use our findings to find better treatments for disorders such as Autism and Obsessive Compulsive disorders (OCDs),” said Khosrowabadi.

Reza Khosrowabadi is an Assistant Professor at the Institute for Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Shahid Beheshti University.

  • source : Tehrantimes