MAPNA Ready to Build EV Charging Station Nationwide
MAPNA Ready to Build EV Charging Station Nationwide
TEHRAN – The CEO of MAPNA Group announced readiness of group to build electric vehicle charging station (EV charging station) for recharging electric vehicles in any part of the country.

Speaking in the inauguration ceremony of the first EV charging station at Milad Tower, the CEO of MAPNA Group Mr. Abbas Aliabadi said that the significance of the station for recharging electric cars is that electrification of the transportation is one of the ways for solving the environmental problems in big cities like Tehran, adding that building such stations need proper infrastructure, and as long as there is no proper infrastructure, using electric cars in the country will be impossible.


Aliabadi added, “Today we inaugurated the first EV charging station for recharging electric cars which fits all standard electric vehicles. We hope the process for launching more stations in different districts of Tehran would continue in collaboration with Tehran Municipality and it also happens in other cities which announce readiness for such stations.”

The CEO of MAPNA Group reiterated that the station for charging electric cars is fully Iranian-made and it has been designed and launched by Iranians.

On the price of electricity for recharging the cars, he said that they have fixed a tentative price for the electricity to encourage people to use electricity rather than gasoline and they are in talks with officials to fix a price based on the national regulations.

He said that inauguration of the station indicates that infrastructure for electrification of transportation has begun and it is possible technically.

Aliabadi also pointed to the huge gas reservoirs in the country, adding that the country can convert gas into electricity in the combined-cycle power plants and the resulted electricity can be used in electric cars and this can halve the fuel consumption in the country.

He noted that the cost for electric fuel will be much cheaper than gasoline as one can traverse one hundred kilometers with paying 1,000 tomans by recharging his car with electricity while it will cost 10,000 tomans if he uses gasoline.

Aliabadi reiterated that electric cars cannot be charged in the houses because they need especial tools and equipment which are available in the station.

He expressed hope Majlis and government would boost cooperation for electrification of vehicles, adding that the talks are progressing well and it is predicted in the next ten years, electric cars rule the streets and gasoline cars will not be allowed to traverse.

Meanwhile Tehran Mayor Pirouz Hanachi who was present in the inauguration ceremony said that the municipality has put electrification of cars and motorbikes on its agenda which will be pursued in collaboration with the knowledge-based companies.

He said that by boosting electrification of fuels of vehicles, the amount of pollution will drop sharply. He went on to say that the process for electrification of vehicles has started and currently more than 100 electric cars are in Tehran and inauguration of the station will help electric motorbikes to roll on streets and they can be recharged at this station.

He also announced readiness in collaboration with the knowledge-based companies to take necessary measures for electrification of fuel systems of cars and motorbikes.

  • source : IRAN NEWS