Kazakhstan Welcomes Iranian Investors
Kazakhstan Welcomes Iranian Investors
TEHRAN – Kazakhstan is keen to expand its economic relations with Iran and he is in Tehran to cement economic ties.

On the sidelines of a press conference in Tehran yesterday, H.E. Ashkat Orazbay said that Kazakhstan welcomes Iranian investors as the country is open to foreign investments.


He went on to say that Kazakh government has eased ground for foreign investors and some of Iranian investors have already started investment in the country.

He admitted that the U.S. sanctions have created hurdles for trade ties between both states and both countries should work together to solve it.

He reiterated that there is no banking relation between Tehran and Nur-Sultan, adding that Iranian Pasargad Banks and Bank Shahe have been assigned to start talks with their Kazakh counterparts for finding ways for financial transactions.

He reiterated that both states should find a mechanism for solving their financial interactions like trade with national currencies.

Orazbay went on to say that the Kazakh government is working to ease visa process for Iranian traders, adding that Iranian traders have asked for three-month visas and for this reason the process for issuing visa for Iranians is currently under revision.

On tourist visa, he noted that the government is also working on it but till the new regulations are adapted, Iranians can get group visa for tourist visit to Kazakhstan.

  • source : IRAN NEWS