Full Finance of Imports Possible Through Non-Oil Exports
Full Finance of Imports Possible Through Non-Oil Exports
TEHRAN – The CEO of Export Development Bank of Iran says if the country even fails to export oil and its oil exports are zeroed, it should provide enough forex for imports through non-oil exports revenues.

In an interview with Exim News, Dr. Ali Akbar Salehabadi said that exports in the second half of last year was affected by the rise in the forex price and the condition went ahead in a way that the Central Bank assigned exporters to return the forex revenues of their exports and this decision as well as sanctions had negative impact on the exports in the country.


He added that but today nobody should doubt that non-oil exports should bring its forex revenues back to the trade cycle in the country.

Salehabadi noted that by a glance at the statistics, one can find out that the volume of imports in the country is between 40 to 50 billion dollars, adding that of course sanctions will decrease the figure. He asserted that statistics show that the volume of non-oil exports is over 40 billion dollars, adding that even if the country fails to export its oil, it should be able to provide enough money for its imports through non-oil exports.

He emphasized that in the current condition, the only way for earning forex is via non-oil exports. Salehabadi went on to say that of course demands of exporters should be taken into consideration and policies should meet their demands, too.

He also asked for a revision over the regulations and laws for compulsory return of exports revenues, adding that the policy and regulations have disappointed exporters.

  • source : IRAN NEWS