First Fully Home-Made 42-Megawatt Turbine Synchronized in Zahedan
First Fully Home-Made 42-Megawatt Turbine Synchronized in Zahedan
TEHRAN – The CEO of MAPNA Group announced that the first fully home-made medium-scale power plant in form of scattered production with the 42-megawatt turbine was synchronized in Zahedan.

Abbas Ali Abadi addressing the 17th annual conference of the Iranian Society of Mechanical Engineers said that the turbine has been made in accordance with the climate of the country especially regarding temperature and weather conditions of different regions.


He went on to say that all stages for manufacturing the turbine have been carried out in the country and even with the home-made raw material.

Ali Abadi noted that generator, controlling system and all equipment of the power plant are fully Iranian and MAPNA Group has designed and manufactured it in collaboration with four companies.

He added that soon this type of turbine will enter the market in other parts of the country, adding that the first 42-megawatt turbine was installed in Sistan and Baluchistan due to its especial climatic condition.