Economic Condition More Stable Than Last Year
Economic Condition More Stable Than Last Year
TEHRAN – The CEO of Export Development Bank of Iran believes the economic and trade condition in many aspects is more stable than last year.

Speaking at Imam Sadeq (A) University and about the current economic condition, Dr. Ali Salehabadi said that last year due to the unexpected U.S. pullout of the JCPOA and reimposition of sanctions, some changes happened in the programs and forex policies but this year all policies have been adopted in compliance with the current sanction era.


He pointed to the link of the Central Bank, Trade Promotion Organization and the Customs Administration portals, adding that all hurdles have been removed and they are now linked, and earmarking the forex for imports is controlled.

Saleh Abadi added that rise in forex price in the market was the other factor for instability last year but this year we do not see any considerable jump in forex price.

He also reiterated that one of the other factors for instability in the forex market was the psycho climate resulted from the sanctions, adding that this climate has been balanced because it has lost its psychological pressure.

He pointed to the forex priorities of the country like food, pharmaceuticals and raw materials for factories, adding that the country should balance supply and demand in order to pass from this critical condition safely.

He reiterated rial source is in good condition and access to the forex source due to timely measure is good for the bank and exporters.

Saleh Abadi also called for a change in consumption habits in the country.

  • source : IRAN NEWS