Bin Salman’s attempt to deceive Palestinians fruitless: Jordanian MP
Bin Salman’s attempt to deceive Palestinians fruitless: Jordanian MP
Member of Jordanian parliament Mustafa Yaghi said that exerting pressure on Palestinian and Jordanian leaders to accept Trump's 'Deal of the Century’ will not lead to any result.

Increasing speculation about ‘Deal of the Century’, which is scheduled to be announced after Ramadan by Senior Advisor to the US President Jared Kushner, indicate that there are no rights for the Palestinians in this plan and alternative areas are considered for the Palestinian to form Palestinian state.

According to news reports, Jordan has opposed the plan so far, but the US and Saudi Arabia’s pressure on this country due to its economic problems may eventually lead to Jordan’s approval of ‘Deal of the Century’.

Based on media reports, the US, the EU and the Arab countries on the Persian Gulf have agreed to help the implementation of this agreement.

Earlier, based on a document which has been leaked from the Israeli regime’s Foreign Ministry; a Hebrew-language medium, revealed the details of ‘Deal of the Century’, according to which the Palestinian state will be formed without having an army and weapons.

Referring to ‘Deal of the Century’, Mustafa Yaghi, Member of the House of Representatives of Jordan said to Mehr News Agency that any actions and solutions which will not lead to the formation of the Palestinian state and end of Zionist’s occupation and return to “the line of June 4, 1967”, are not accepted by Palestinians and Jordanians.

Basically, the issue of the alternative land to form Palestinian state has been rejected by Jordanian and Palestinian leaders, and even Palestinians living in Jordan are opposed to this matter, he added.

He mentioned that the successive attempts by the US administration to publish some of the provisions of ‘Deal of the Century’ are only measures to evaluate the reactions to this deal.

Jordanian MP said that the efforts of Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman and others to deceive the Palestinians by giving money to them will never succeed, adding, ‘Deal of the Century’ is nothing more than an agreement that will ultimately not lead to solve the Palestinian issue.

The fate of this plan will be similar to other initiatives such as the Arab Peace Initiative, etc., which have been faced with Palestinian opposition, Yaghi stressed.

He noted that Jordan will not also accept a deal over monitoring the holy sites of Islam and Christianity in Jerusalem.

Interview by Mohammad Fateminia

  • source : Mehrnews