Art Bureau to display new productions at Cannes Film Market
Art Bureau to display new productions at Cannes Film Market
The Art Bureau of the Islamic Ideology Dissemination Organization is displaying a lineup of its latest movie productions at the Cannes Film Market.

Director Azita Mugui’s “Main Idea” about the serious attempt made by people and companies to win a tender for a joint project between Iran and Spain is among the movies.

“Once Upon a Time a Woman”, Jalil Akbari-Sehat’s directorial debut is also on view at the market, which will run until May 23.

The lineup also includes four documentary films, one of which is “A House for You” by Mehdi Bakhshi-Moqaddam about Davud who has been diagnosed with lung cancer, and his dream is to build a house for his beloved wife.

“Dilag” by Abbas Rafiei and Safiollah Hosseini is in praise of an old man in an Iranian village for his joie de vivre.

“The 40th Day” by Hamid Kuhpai revolves around the Arbaeen pilgrimage.

“Captain 22” by Arman Qolipur Dashtaki is about a drug addict who begins to encourage youth to play sports after he can complete a drug rehab program.

The animated movies “Lopeto” by Abbas Askari and “The Last Fish” by Masud Saemin are also on display at the business counterpart of the Cannes Film Festival and the largest film market in the world.

  • source : Tehrantimes