Iran’s ‘peace and friendship’ flotilla docks at Kazakh port
Iran’s ‘peace and friendship’ flotilla docks at Kazakh port
The Iranian flotilla of 'peace and friendship' docked at Kazakh port of Aktau on Wednesday.

The Iranian fleet, comprised of the domestically-built, missile-launching warships ‘Separ’ (shield) and ‘Joshan’, is set to have a three-day stay in Kazakhstan’s Aktau Port.

A host of Kazakh officials, as well as Iranian ambassador to Kazakhstan Majid Saber, welcomed the Iranian fleet in Aktau.

This is the second time that Iranian Navy’s Northern Fleet dispatches flotilla to Kazakhstan. The first one, comprised of the home-grown Damavand destroyer and Peykan missile-launcher destroyer, had visited Aktau in April 2017.

Iran has been expanding its presence in different waters. The country’s navy carries out recurrent military maneuvers and maritime security missions in the Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean, the Gulf of Aden, and the Suez Canal, with an aim to contribute to international maritime security and reinforce the country’s diplomacy.

  • source : Mehrnews