Iran to Export as Much Oil as It Desires
Iran to Export as Much Oil as It Desires
TEHRAN – Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei has downplayed the U.S.’ refusal to renew sanctions waivers for the import of Iran’s crude oil, saying that the Islamic Republic will export petroleum as much as it wants.

“Their efforts will get nowhere,” said the Leader in a meeting with a group of workers in Tehran on Wednesday.


“We can export oil as much as we need to and as much as we wish,” he said.

“They believe they have blocked our path, but the active Iranian nation and vigilant officials will unblock any deadlock if they try to,” Ayatollah Khamenei added.

The Leader said this animosity will not go unanswered and they will receive a response for their enmity.

“The Iranian nation is not one which would remain silent in the face of their hostility,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Leader underlined, “The less we depend on this form of oil sales, the more appreciative we will be, and this would be better for us,” he said.

Praising the community of laborers in Iran for their sincere adherence to the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Khamenei urged officials to address issues that affect laborers and confront abuse of power against laborers by saying, “The community of laborers represents one of the most loyal social groups to the Revolution. Some, with abusive intentions, buy factories from the government and build towers in their place. All the branches of power should confront this [manipulation]. The enemy has insisted in all the possible areas of distress, and more than anything else, on the issues concerning laborers.”

He went on to say that “in all cases, the laborers have disappointed the enemy. It has been the case for forty years. The community of laborers was among the most loyal to the revolution.”

The Leader once again urged government officials to appreciate the laborers and make efforts to prevent the obliteration of factories for the sake of corporate interests.

“Government officials, policymakers, and the executives should be watchful and appreciate the value of it.”

He added, “I address this to all the officials of the country, and not just the Labor Ministry. There exist people who only seek to fulfill their own interests. They buy a working factory from the government and destroy it, sell its machinery in order to rise up skyscrapers to replace them. All the branches of power should counter and prevent it.”

He then advised everyone to promote a spirit of perseverance and striving and held, “We should not promote the culture of lassitude and expecting easy money among the people. We should promote a culture of work, producing and endeavoring. The spirit of lassitude and expecting easy money should be eradicated. Different organizations should avoid the type of activities that resemble lotteries; be aware.”

  • source : IRAN NEWs