Doc to chronicle history of motorcycle in Iran
Doc to chronicle history of motorcycle in Iran
Director Farahnaz Sharifi plans to study the history of the motorcycle in Iran in a documentary, which will be produced by Hamid Qezlu.

“The vehicle has not received any concern in Iran at all,” Qezlu said in a press release published by the Documentary and Experimental Film Center (DEFC) on Monday.

“107 years have passed since the first motorcycle was imported into Iran, while there has not been even one page of reliable information about the history of the motorcycle in the country,” he added.

The idea to make the documentary titled “Motorcycle” flashed through Qezlu’s mind while reading a book about the role of motorcycle in modern Tehran.

“A team of four researchers have been assigned to study 500 editions of old magazines published over the past 120 years in order to gather information about the topic,” he said.

According to the information collected by the team, Iran’s customs office has registered the first import of a motorcycle into the country in 1912.

The first group of motorcycles was imported into Iran from India and Russia, and Japanese motorcycles were introduced in Iran in 1957.

Qezlu said that motorcycles were frequently used in Iranian movies during the 1960s.

Research on the subject is expected to be completed by July and shooting will begin immediately afterwards, he stated.

Photo: This old photo shows an Iranian man with a motorcycle.