Daily Production of 47m Liters of Gasoline
Daily Production of 47m Liters of Gasoline
TEHRAN – The CEO of Persian Gulf Star Refinery Company says that the refinery is taking measures to boost its daily production of gasoline to 47m liters.

Mr. Mohammad Ali Dadvar said that the company has started preliminary measures to enhance its daily production of its gasoline to 47m liters.


He added that with this measure, the daily production of its sweet naphtha will increase by 20,000 barrels and the capacity of gasoline-producing unit will be boosted and the amount of gasoline production will reach 47m liters per day by next week.

He reiterated that boosting the capacity for production is the major goal of the refinery in the Year of Economic Boom, adding that last year by following the resistance economy policies and the full support of all Islamic System bodies as well as efforts and sacrifices of experts and staff of the company, phases 2 and 3 of the Persian Gulf Star Refinery became operational and joined the network and the country became self-sufficient in producing gasoline.

Dadvar reiterated that in the current year with an eye on boosting the production boom, the company has put on agenda the policy of boosting the capacity for the strategic energy products like gasoline and it will retain the quality like before.

He then pointed to the effects of the world hegemony sanctions and increasing the pressure on Iran, adding that fortunately the country is not worried about the sanctions because the country is in a condition that can provide major parts of the refineries in the country.


  • source : IRAN NEWS