BMI With Fixed Strategy Moves Towards Long-Term Objectives
BMI With Fixed Strategy Moves Towards Long-Term Objectives
TEHRAN – The CEO of Bank Melli Iran says the bank has a written and fixed strategy and with accurate planning is moving towards its object, adding that an assessment of last year’s performance shows that the bank is in favorable condition and the condition will get better this year.

Speaking in the forum on reviewing the performance of the bank in last Iranian calendar year, Dr. Mohammad Reza Hosseinzadeh underlined that the U.S. unilateral sanctions against the country and banking system has not serious negative impact, adding that it is only the U.S. which has imposed sanctions  on  Iran and other countries are still cooperating with the country.


He reiterated that the performance of foreign branches of the bank is favorable and it will continue this year.

He reiterated that officials of the bank should be more focused on the profits and the losses of all branches of the bank, adding that all staff of the bank should be sensitive to the profit-making issue in their branches and prioritize it.

Hosseinzadeh also pointed to the unique services of the bank in the digital and e-banking field like BAM and BALEH services, adding that such services would decrease the expenditure of the bank and would play a key role in attracting customers.

He also urged officials and staff of the bank for observing all laws and regulations related to the money-laundering because the bank is active internationally and should comply with international regulations.


  • source : IRAN NEWS