Arab Sheikhs donate PKK to destabilize Iran borders
Arab Sheikhs donate PKK to destabilize Iran borders
In line with their proxy war against Iran, Arab Sheikhs headed by Saudi Arabia have sponsored PJAK and Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) terrorist groups financially.

PKK and its Iranian branch, the PJAK’s armed terrorist group are on the blacklist of terrorist groups in America, Europe, Iran and Turkey. To continue its terrorist acts, this group is strongly dependent on contributions from some countries in the region in addition to money laundering, drug trafficking, human trafficking and extortion and kidnapping.

The Persian Gulf states, especially Saudi Arabia, have repeatedly contributed to this group in order to make the western borders of Iran insecure and spillover the conflicts into Iran.

In fact, PJAK, as a terrorist group, is wholly dependent on foreign aids in the fields of finance, information, military and media. Regarding Saudi Arabia’s approach toward Iran, especially during the era of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, there is also a need to mention important evidences. Supporting the independence referendum in Iraq Kurdistan (supported only by Israel) illustrated the Saudi policy of encroaching Iran’s territorial integrity.

Saudi officials believe that the idea of ​​establishing the great Kurdistan will destroy the ideals of Iran, Iraq and Turkey, so the Saudi Kingdom supports independence of Kurdistan and emphasizes on the formation of Kurdistan state. Behind the scenes US along side with Israeli regime has also supported PJAK  to inflict damages to Iran.

Seymour Hersh (the New Yorker magazine journalist) disclosed in 2008 that US forces are supporting PJAK as part of their plan to mess up Iran. He also reveald that both US and Israel provide PJAK  with financial aid of $ 400 million.

Also, White House national security adviser John Bolton explicitly outlined three strategies or policies toward Iran, in his article in the National Review, which included support for separatist movements in Khuzestan, Baluchestan and Kurdistan of Iran. PJAK is practically engaged in terrorist activities under the pretext of protecting Kurdish rights in the northwest of Iran.

Turkish Yeni Şafak newspaper has recently reported on the Persian Gulf states’ aid of $ 1 billion to PKK which big part of it will go to its Iranian offshoot, PJAK . Most portion of the aid have been provided by the Saudi Arabia and the UAE to aid the terrorist activities of the terrorist groups against iran.

  • source : Mehrnews