15 countries to attend Iran Health 2019
15 countries to attend Iran Health 2019
Iran's medical equipment is sought after by many countries, said executive director of Iran Health Exhibition, noting the participation of 15 countries in Iran Health 2019.

Executive director of Iran Health Exhibition Amin Taheri said that the event is highly effective in boosting exports, especially while the country is under sanctions and is going through currency fluctuations.

He noted that trade delegates are invited form 15 countries to participate in this exhibition and their presence would be beneficial to boosting exports.

These trade delegations are from China, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, Italy, Britain, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Oman and Russia, he added.

The 22nd International Exhibition for Medical, Laboratory, Equipment and Pharmaceutical (Iran Health 2019), as one of the largest events in the field of medical equipment and supplies in the region, will be held on 9-12 June 2019.

Iran Health is the main platform for the international medical manufacturers to demonstrate their products and services annually at the International Permanent Fairground in Tehran. This event showcases and covers a wide spectrum of products like medical devices, health care services, laboratory equipment, hospital equipment, pharmaceutical products and services associated with this field.

  • source : Mehrnews