No Fear of Holding Referendum
No Fear of Holding Referendum
TEHRAN – Spokesman to the Guardian Council says nobody fears holding referendum on the FATF-related bills but as long as all official bodies are doing their own jobs, holding the referendum is not necessary.

Speaking at a presser in Tehran yesterday, Abbas-Ali Kadkhodaee reacted to President Hassan Rouhani’s recent remarks who had claimed that the Guardian Council agreed with the FATF-related bills. He said two bills of Palermo and CFT returned to Majlis to be reviseی, adding some ambiguities in Palermo bill were cleared but the problem about board of supervision had still remained.


He reiterated that as long as all legal bodies are doing their jobs, there needs no referendum as no one fears holding referendum.

On the election and approval of the candidates to run for Majlis or presidency, he said that the Guardian Council has no tools for assessing the efficiency of the candidates and it approves their qualifications according to the minimum parameters.

He reiterated that the performance of the Guardian Council for approval of the candidates is acceptable and convincing.

On the proposal to have a joint meeting with the reformists, he reiterated that he welcomes any proposal from any fraction or party and he has no problem to meet them provided that they have something essential to say.

Kadkhodaee also confirmed that the government had no consultation with the council for preparing the comprehensive election law and the council cannot express its view on the bill till it is debated or approved in Majlis.

He noted that the council agrees the generality of the bill because it is close to the justice, adding that the council cannot interfere in the city council election according to the law and he thinks an independent body should be set tp.

Kadkhodaee also said that the council will start work on reviewing the budget bill by holding extra sessions as soon as it receives the bill.


  • source : IRAN NEWS