Iran Biggest Metal Production Unit Inaugurated
Iran Biggest Metal Production Unit Inaugurated
TEHRAN - First Vice-president Eshaq Jahangiri on Saturday inaugurated Iran’s biggest metal production unit that is run by the private sector in the city of Aradan, in northern province of Semnan.

Speaking on the sidelines of the inauguration ceremony of the industrial project, Governor of Aradan told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) that the industrial unit which was built at a 100-hectare land will create job opportunities for 300 individuals.


Mojtaba Bourbour said the private metal unit has the annual capacity of producing 66,000 tons of copper and lead.

About 1,300 billion rials have been invested in the Aradan industrial project which was initially planned to be implemented in seven year but compeleted in a shorter time. The project started four year ago, the governor added.

The most important goal the project follows is to develop economic infrastructures in the country, Bourbour said.

Addressing the inaugural ceremony, Jahangiri underlined Washington’s failure in sanctions against Iran’s metal industries.

“The U.S. was after metal sanctions against Iran but it failed to trouble the country’s industries,” Jahangiri said, addressing a ceremony in the Northeastern city of Semnan on Saturday.

He added that the country’s defense ministry has also made good progress in increasing the missile capability and supplying the needs.

Elsewhere, Jahangiri referred to enemies’ attempts to introduce Iran as a problem in the region, saying, “Iran is part of the regional solutions and it helps the resolution of problems and establishment of security.”

“Today, everybody has admitted that Iran is one of the world’s stable centers,” he said.

Jahangiri also praised security forces and said today this country is the center of stability in a region of Turmoil.

Speaking on the sideline of an inauguration ceremony of the industrial project, Jahangiri noted that today, the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Army and the other armed forces are supporters of security across the whole region.

Emphasizing on Iran’s constructive role in guaranteeing regional peace, the Vice President added that today, everyone even our enemies, consider the country as the center of stability.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Jahangiri referred to economic sanctions against Iran and said, the government has made arrangements to secure the steady supply of basic goods.

  • source : IRAN NEWS