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Google Claims Achieving ‘Quantum Supremacy’ 23 Oct 2019

Google Claims Achieving ‘Quantum Supremacy’

TEHRAN (Iran News) – Scientists claim to have achieved “quantum supremacy”, a breakthrough that could change computing history. Google researchers say they have broken through the milestone, meaning that a quantum computer has undertaken an operation that classical computers cannot. Quantum supremacy marks the first step in a field that researchers claim could go on […]

Quantum Internet on Global Scale Is Possible 24 Dec 2018

Quantum Internet on Global Scale Is Possible

According to a new experiment carried out between satellites in orbit and a station on the ground Quantum internet could be possible on a global scale for ultra-secure, next-generation communications. The team of scientists was able to exchange several carefully managed photons in pulses of infrared light, carried between Russian GLONASS satellites and the Space […]