All Sanctions Means All Sanctions
All Sanctions Means All Sanctions
All Sanctions Means All Sanctions. Sunday, February 7 at Imam Khomeini (R) Hosseinieh was a superb and determining day.

TEHRAN (Iran News) -All Sanctions Means All Sanctions. Sunday, February 7 at Imam Khomeini (R) Hosseinieh was a superb and determining day. Every year on February 7, some of commanders and personnel of Air Force and Air Defense of the Islamic Republic of Iran gather at the hosseinieh to meet the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei to commemorate the bravery action of Air Force staff and Homafara )officers) on February 7, 1979, for meeting the late Imam Khomeini at Alawi School. This gathering not only reminds us of that divine day in materializing the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran but also causes determining the important and macro policies for the continuation of the revolution in the second step.

This year the Supreme Leader highlighted some important points in his speech that we should go through its details because the policy of the current government for its foreign policy in the remaining six months of its term depends on these points. The Supreme Leader in some part of his speech said, “The historic allegiance of Air Force Personnel to Imam Khomeini on February 8, 1979, was one of the important surprises and the main factors of the victory of the revolution and also the miscalculation of the Americans and said that the need for the continuation of the rapid movement of the revolution, the presence of people on the scene, uninterrupted diligence, and effort, is the unity of words, especially among officials, trust in divine promise and increasing components of national power in action.”

Indeed these sentences and remarks should put the Rouhani government in a strong position for announcing and implementing the policy of the establishment in face of the U.S. President Joe Biden Administration. The Supreme Leader also stated, “Americans and Europeans have no rights for setting any condition for Iran; because they violated their JCPOA-related commitments and the party that should make condition is the Islamic Republic because it adhered to its obligations. Therefore, the side with the right to set conditions for the continuation of the JCPOA deal is Iran, and its irrevocable condition is that the United States must remove all sanctions, and not just on paper but in action and we’ll verify and if it’s done properly, we’ll return to our commitments.”

The reflection of these remarks in the world media was the same as what he had pointed to them and as the importance of dimensions of those points. For example, the Qatari TV Network Channel Al-Jazeera its Arab language channel recast some parts of the Supreme Leader’s speech for its Arab audience and said, “The Leader of Iran has underlined that this is Iran which should set conditions because it has fulfilled its commitments.”

In this regard, the Al-Mayadeen TV channel quoted some parts of the Supreme Leader’s remarks as, “Our return to the JCPOA depends on the removal of all sanctions.” This Lebanon-based channel broadcast some parts of the Supreme Leader’s speech. The Saudi-based TV Channel Al-Arabieh also on its website wrote, “The Leader of Iran stated Tehran will continue its nuclear steps unless first Washington removes all sanctions.” The Russian news agency Sputnik in its Arab language version wrote, “The Leader of Iran sounded ultimatum and announced his country’s conditions for a return to the JCPOA.” Sputnik continued, “The Leader of Iran announced that if Washington seeks Iran’s return to its previous steps of the JCPOA, it should remove all sanctions.”

Regarding this issue, the news website Al-Ahed wrote, “The Leader of the Islamic Republic announced that if all sanctions against Tehran are removed practically, Tehran will return to its JCPOA commitments.” The Lebanon-based news website published some parts of the Leader’s speech in Arabic. Meanwhile, Al-Sharqiya Network with a similar title wrote, “The Leader of Iran announced that Iran’s return to the JCPOA depends on removing on all sanctions.” This Iraqi news website wrote, “The Leader of Iran said if Washington wants Tehran to return to return to the JCPOA commitment, it should first remove all sanctions.”

Some Arab media outlets, websites, and networks also echoed the Supreme Leader’s speech of February 7 especially regarding the nuclear issue and the U.S. sanctions, and all emphasized Iran will return to its JCPOA commitment only if all sanctions are removed in action.

But in this regard on Tuesday, February 7, exactly three days after the Supreme Leader’s speech and on the eve of the anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution and in meeting with foreign ambassadors in Tehran President Hassan Rouhani had some remarks which should not be misunderstood. President Rouhani said, “Today, no one can expect Iran to take the first step. I think there is no doubt who should start. We have not exited the deal so that we would want to take the first step now. We have not pulled out of our commitments so that we take the first step. The country which has abandoned its obligations for three years and oppressed our nation in violation of international regulations and its commitments under [UN Security Council] Resolution 2231 (which endorses the JCPOA) is duty-bound to take the first step. Immediately after the P5+1 group of countries fulfills all their obligations, Iran would return to compliance with all its JCPOA commitments.”

“Iran has proved that if it signs something and accepts a commitment, it will fully remain committed to its signature and commitment and this has been an honor for the Iranian nation throughout history, and particularly over the past 42 years” since the 1979 Islamic Revolution,” he pointed out.

The world should know that all sanctions that the Supreme Leader has pointed to them do not mean only sanctions regarding the JCPOA and these remarks of President Rouhani should not be considered as the base for the decision-making of the West or P5+1. The purport of the Supreme Leader’s remarks is very crystal clear. All sanctions mean all sanctions and exactly after verification.

  • source : IRAN NEWS